Litter pickers to get help from council

East Northamptonshire Council is helping people clean up their communities
East Northamptonshire Council is helping people clean up their communities
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Towns and villages will look cleaner thanks to help from East Northamptonshire Council.

The council is offering to help more than 15 groups across the district with litter picks by loaning them equipment.

From Deenethorpe to Stanwick, residents are getting together to litter pick paths, verges and play areas in a bid to improve the local environment.

East Northamptonshire Council waste management is supplying these groups with litter grabbers, gloves, bags and a volunteer briefing to share with helpers before they get started. It covers the boundaries of the clean-up area, health and safety risks, first aid arrangements and what to do in case of an emergency.

Once these groups have completed their clean up, the team will collect all the equipment and the bags of litter. All the council asks in return is a photo of the day and details of how many people attended, how many bags of litter were collected and any weird and wonderful finds.

Chairman of the waste and recycling party, Cllr Glenn Harwood, said: “We are often approached by local people asking for council support in clearing up their area and we’re always happy to help. Community litter picks are a great way of fostering better community relations, improving a local environment and instilling some pride. Together we can make a difference and help keep streets and roadsides smart.”

To book equipment for your community clean up, call 01832 742055. The equipment is loaned on a first come first served basis so the council cannot guarantee that every group will get the equipment they need for their chosen date.