Lions awards support next generation of young leaders

Members of the Police Cadets who have signed up to the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards
Members of the Police Cadets who have signed up to the Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards

The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards have been set up to recognise young people who provide significant levels of service to their local communities.

There are currently two award levels: The Silver Seal Award for young people who provide at least 50 hours of service to their community during a 12-month period; and The Gold Seal Award for those who provide at least 100 hours of service during a 12-month period.

Young people aged 11 to 18 (Years 7 to 13) are eligible to participate in the Young Leaders in Service Awards. Service activities are in a number of categories and participants can log their service from one activity or from a combination of activities.

Categories of qualifying service include: service to the elderly; safety training; service to children; service to parents or family, education or environment; services for the homeless; public health; taking a leaders’ role with a community group; helping the Lions with their fundraising or welfare activities.

The Lions mission for young people is “to provide the young people of the world with opportunities for achievement, learning, contribution and service, individually and collectively, through sponsorship of activities identified as best practice in the field of youth development”.

Among those who have signed up to the awards are a group of Police Cadets.

Last month members of the recently formed Kettering Police Cadets etched postcodes on bicycles in an effort to reduce thefts and help to return stolen bikes to their owners. This event was held at Rockingham Road Pleasure Park where five cadets and two PCSOs were offering this service for free. Two members of Kettering & District Lions Club visited the park to encourage the cadets and to learn more about their activities.

The group of 23 cadets meet regularly to undertake various duties to help the police and have recently signed up to the Lions Young Leaders in Service scheme.

Helping others

Lions Clubs International is a network of more than 1.35 million men and women.

There are more than 45,000 clubs in 206 countries, including 18,000 members in the British Isles and Ireland.

Clubs’ principal aim is to provide help and funds for those in need, while enjoying satisfaction, fellowship and fun taking part.

Members are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people less fortunate than themselves, in their own communities or in other parts of the world.

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