Lily the nappy-wearing goat recovering in Wellingborough house

Rebecca Mineards, with her pet goat Lily from Wellingborough
Rebecca Mineards, with her pet goat Lily from Wellingborough

A nappy-wearing baby goat being nursed back to health by her loving owner has started behaving like the dogs she shares her home with.

Lily the kid, an adorable two-month-old pygmy goat, collapsed in January and was taken to a vet in critical condition.

Pet goat Lily from Wellingbough, Northamptonshire.

Pet goat Lily from Wellingbough, Northamptonshire.

Distraught owner Rebecca Mineards, of Wellingborough, feared the worst but the tiny hoofer is making a miraculous recovery since coming to live in the family’s home.

Lily, who has to wear nappies because she is not house-trained, sleeps on the couch and has begun to play fight with Mrs Mineard’s pet dogs.

Mrs Mineard said: “Initially I was told she was critical and not to get my hopes up, but after she was given steroids and I noticed some twitching of her nerves, I just thought, ‘Come on, you can’t go, you’ve got to stay’.”

“My husband Sid won’t allow her in the bed, which I can understand, and if you walk away from Lily she does cry an awful lot, to the point that she would wake up the whole house.”

“Unfortunately she has to wear a nappy because unlike a dog you cannot train a goat.

“It’s not ideal so I’m keen for her to get better and return to being with her mum and brother (Dexter) as soon as possible.”

In a bid to speed up the kid’s recovery, Mrs Mineard carries out light physiotherapy on Lily daily to improve her mobility.

She said: “I’ve become her mum for now, but she’s well cared for by the dogs as well.

“She really does think she’s a dog.

“She plays with them and unfortunately head-butts them, but they don’t mind at all.”

Vets treating the pygmy goat are still not sure what caused Lily’s illness but she has come on in leaps and bounds since moving in with the Mineards.

Mrs Mineards said: “Lily’s doing miraculously considering she couldn’t sit, stand or walk and now she’s doing goat behaviour like jumping and leaping.

“I know some people will say she’s just a goat but she’s actually more than that, isn’t she? She’s special.”