Lights are back on for residents

Attley Court residents with electrician Richard Page and Ray Critchlow
Attley Court residents with electrician Richard Page and Ray Critchlow

When the street lights were switched off elderly residents of a sheltered housing scheme in Wellingborough were left feeling vulnerable.

Only one of the four street lights near Attley Court, in Olympic Way, was left on after budget cuts meant their street lights were switched off by Northamptonshire County Council.

New security lights for the court were donated by Home Base in Wellingborough and local businessman Ray Critchlow earlier this year. But they didn’t have the funds to install the lights.

After months of Mr Critchlow asking electricians to take on the job for no fee, Richard Page, of Queensway, agreed to help. He has spent the last three weekends installing the lights and Mr Critchlow paid £400 to pay for the equipment he needed to do the job.

Mr Critchlow, who runs the nearby Olympic Fish Bar in Olympic Way, said: “I tried to get people who came into the shop to install the lights. Some people said they would do it, but when they saw the size of the job we never saw them again.”

The 13 new lights are fixed to the walls across the entire court.

Resident Maureen Boyle said: “We came back the other night at 9.45pm and it was all lit up. It was lovely.”

Martin Sawers, court manager, said: “The new lights give the residents peace of mind that if anyone comes on to the court they can immediately see them.

“Before the street lights were switched off we had four lights outside, but only one was kept on.”

Mr Sawers said the court was very dark at night as a result. He added: “The kerbs outside were painted with high visibility paint so the residents could see them.”