Lightning striking Finedon home sounded like a ‘grenade going off’

Lightning over Kettering. By Glyn Dobbs.
Lightning over Kettering. By Glyn Dobbs.

The owners of a bungalow in Finedon have spoken of their shock after their home was struck by lightning in the early hours of Tuesday morning (July 23).

Steve Ryan, 46, said the lightning strike sounded like a ‘grenade going off,’ when it hit the bungalow on Tann Road, in the early hours of the morning.

Mr Ryan and his wife Sharon were asleep when the incident happened at around 12.30am.

Mrs Ryan said: “When it happened I was startled. I was sort of half awake already because of the weather, then I heard this bang.

“Then I got the smell of smoke and I thought the house was on fire.

“I was shocked and Steve got out of bed to see what happened.”

The lightning strike ripped a hole into the roof of an upstairs lounge, shot debris across the room, and left a scorch mark on the wall.

Mrs Ryan added: “I suppose I am gutted.

“But we use that room as a sort of den to watch TV. I suppose we were lucky that we wasn’t in there when it happened.”

A spokesman for the fire service said that there was no fire involved.

Two fire crews were called to the incident at 12.40am. They used a thermal image camera, a salvage sheet, and other small tools to assess the damage.

The firemen stayed at the house to help cover the hole in the roof, to prevent rain flooding in. Mrs Ryan thanked the fire service for their ‘great’ help.