Life skills aren’t taught: We have to figure them out

Ever been in a never-ending day?

The stress and the pain just takes over your body without consent?

What you want to happen but know never will?

Everyone, no matter who you are and what you do, will have times where a lack of sleep takes over as the tears threaten to spill.

I lost my Grandad, my mum had a heart attack, my aunt nearly got pneumonia and I am 16 while writing this in the middle of the last lesson of the day.

Sometimes I wish there was an ‘off-switch’, not just for me but for everyone.

People go through worse pains than I have and it isn’t fair.

I know death has to happen but no matter who you are, it is tough.

An adult may even struggle with the idea of losing someone close.

Everyone jokes about death and wish people dead like it is some joke; when someone close passes, the world changes.

It doesn’t hit everyone right away, which is quite hard because in your heart it is real but in your head it is just a bad dream. Nothing can prepare you for anything!

School? Don’t even talk. People judge so it is best to occupy your mind and go to someone you trust.

Yes, many people have lost someone but not all in the same way.

Some people will think you’re lying (as my sister found out) and others will think it is an excuse.

Some people are just too big-headed to understand other people’s problems and don’t have the capability of caring.

My mate has lost her great-grandmother and it hit her well after it happened.

We deal with it in different ways and nobody can ever get rid of the numb feeling.

School doesn’t help with it either, everyone says sorry when in actual fact it doesn’t help. Will it bring them back?

School’s tough too. Year 11 and people are still being bullied?

As if the stress isn’t enough... No-one needs extra stress on top of that.

School doesn’t teach anything about growing up in the real world; they teach us what element is present depending on a coloured flame – who needs that?

Life skill aren’t taught, we have to figure them out.

Real life is nothing like the movies – not everything has a happy ending and not everything goes to plan.

It’s hard to make a living and get a job; it is more like ‘who you know’ instead of ‘what you know’.

School and people put too much pressure on everyone without even knowing what happens in your life. Ever feel like no-one knows you?

I hit 16 and realised I had to grow up, and fast.

You don’t realise how much of a child you are until you have the chance to change.

Within two months of being 16 I became a donor, opened a bank account, opened an ISA and, of course, had money.

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