Life-saving donation to search and rescue team

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Northamptonshire Search and Rescue Team have recently received a crucial piece of equipment from the cardiac charity, SADS UK – a defibrillator.

The team is involved in helping Northamptonshire Police search for vulnerable missing persons, and is often first on the scene when emergency care is needed.

However, until recently, their rescue kit did not include a defibrillator, a vital piece of equipment which works to restore a normal heart rhythm if someone suffers from a cardiac arrest. SADS UK, which aims to prevent sudden death, understood the Search and Rescue Team’s need for a defibrillator and assisted the team with the equipment.

Anne Jolly, the founder of SADS UK, said: “In case of a person suffering cardiac arrest, being first on the scene means they can deploy the defibrillator in this emergency situation giving the person the very best chance of survival.”