Liberal Democrat contest for police commissioner in Northamptonshire to be a one horse race

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IT is understood the contest to become the Liberal Democrat’s candidate for police commissioner in Northamptonshire will be a one horse race.

The party was due to pick its candidate for the November election on Thursday night.

But the Chron understands that only one person has been chosen to stand for tonight’s nomination vote.

A party insider told the Chron: “There were three candidates who had to go for approval in London and now there is only one.”

The nominees all had to be previous General Election candidates, which is believed to be the reason why one was removed from the nomination list.

The person who is chosen as the party’s candidate on Thursday night will battle in the election against Labour candidate, Lee Barron, Conservative Adam Simmonds, UKIP candidate, Jim MacArthur, and independent candidates Matt Stockdale and John Norrie.

The Green Party has said it will not put forward a candidate for the election.

The person who is chosen to be the county’s police commissioner will receive a salary of about £70,000.

They will set a police and crime plan, set the force’s budget and appoint the chief constable.