Lib Dems want council staff to avoid pay cut

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County Liberal Democrats have called for low-paid council staff to avoid being forced to take a pay cut.

Staff are currently being consulted on a potential 3.6 per cent average pay cut as well as changes to sickness and holiday pay.

The Lib Dems have secured a debate at the Northamptonshire County Council meeting on Thursday, November 29, to discuss the proposed changes to pay and conditions at the council and have demanded staff earning less than the living wage – £7.45 outside London – do not receive a cut in their salary.

Lib Dem leader at County Hall, Cllr Brendan Glynane, said: “The Conservatives really need to listen this time. The Liberal Democrats are calling for all staff earning under the living wage to be protected.

“The Conservatives’ record on protecting low-paid staff is poor – under their “pay and benefits” review many low-paid staff have already been hit hard.

“Like many people hard-working staff at the bottom of the pay scale are struggling in these difficult times. We must ensure that they are not hit hard by pay cuts.”