Lib Dems pledge to make streets safer

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Northamptonshire Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to get the county’s streetlights turned back on.

The Safer Streets initiative run by the Lib Dems, the official opposition at County Hall, is also calling for more frontline policing and dangerous roads and pavements to be repaired.

The move comes ahead of May’s local elections, with the party starting its election campaign yesterday (Monday, February 25) by saying voters wanted a coalition administration to take charge at County Hall after the vote.

Cllr Brendan Glynane, leader of the Lib Dems in the county, criticised the current administration for many cost-cutting measures.

He said: “Over the past several years Northamptonshire Conservatives have made the wrong choices, plunging our streets into darkness, slashing funds for PCSOs and police officers and leaving our roads and pavements in a terrible state.

“Time after time the Liberal Democrats have fought them in the council chamber, showing how different choices could keep our streets safer. Yet the Tories have refused to listen at every opportunity. They don’t care about elderly people scared to go out at night, about urban areas plunged into darkness or about cratered roads and broken pavements. Worse still, they have treated any opposition from the public with disdain.

“The Liberal Democrats will not stand by and let the Conservatives off the hook here in Northamptonshire. There is a choice locally about what we spend taxpayers money on. We will switch lights back on, restore funds for frontline policing and invest in our roads and pavements. We call on residents to support our campaign for safer streets in Northamptonshire.”

Last week, council leader Jim Harker said he was proud of the record of the council, which had had to take tough decisions because of national austerity measures.