Lib Dem council leader criticises police budget

Adam Simmonds published his police budget on Tuesday
Adam Simmonds published his police budget on Tuesday

The opposition leader at Northamptonshire County Council has condemned the police and crime commissioner’s budget, which was officially published today (Tuesday, January 29).

Lib Dem Cllr Brendan Glynane, who is also a member of the Police and Crime Panel, called the proposals disappointing, and rejected Adam Simmonds’s claim no front-line officers would be cut.

Cllr Glynane said the budget for 2012-13 contained enough money for 1,265 full-time officers, while the new budget would only fund 1,220. Mr Simmonds said Northamptonshire Police had never reached the higher level, and the additional funding was being directed towards an unrealistic and unsustainable aspiration.

Cllr Glynane also criticised the £796,000 set aside for the commissioner’s office and staff. Cllr Glynane said: “I am really disappointed that the Conservative PCC has not listened to the wave of criticism from the public, media and Liberal Democrats and is still hell bent on spending £796k on his back office which he stuffed with political cronies as soon as he was elected.

“The public of Northamptonshire made their views very clear. The arrogance he has shown in ignoring local people does not bode well.”

Cllr Glynane also poured cold water on Mr Simmonds’s much-vaunted plan to introduce a Territorial Army-style part-time force.

He added: “He has chosen to fund a reserve force of people who will work 20 days a year, rather than 45 full time officers, pounding the beat all year round.

“I understand he wants to make a splash but choosing cronyism and gimmicks over full-time officers is not the way to do it. People want real police officers on the streets.”

Adam Simmonds reveals policing budget