Letters: UKIP both naive and vacuous

UKIP is a party that trades on the language of fear and division and seeks to equate party allegiance with nationhood, says Stephen Black
UKIP is a party that trades on the language of fear and division and seeks to equate party allegiance with nationhood, says Stephen Black

In response to MEP Roger Helmer’s kettle claims.

I can find no reference to the proposed reduction in power of kettles in the EU document Ecodesign Working Plan by Deloitte.

It does consider the issues of manufacture, technology and education to help reduce electricity use but not power.

Can Roger Helmer reference the EU document he is so agitated about so we, the public, can make up our own minds?

Mr Helmer is obviously a member of the flat earth brigade.

Global warming has not ceased but continued unabated in the past 18 years.

There has been a slight slowdown at the surface but the temperature of the oceans that absorb most of the excess heat form greenhouse gasses has continued to rise.

To suggest this to be wrong ignores evidence of businesses and industries worldwide, including BP and Shell, as well as legislative bodies and scientific institutions of every developed nation in the world.

There are also no respectable astronomers in the world who suggest that solar activity will cool the Earth and negate global warming. To suggest otherwise is crass stupidity.

It was the EEC, later the European Union, that through its institutions, developed co-operation and integration that provided a forum where trade disputes could be discussed and agreements reached.

NATO was a military alliance formed to deter aggression form the Warsaw Pact.

It remains a condition of entry to the EU that human rights, including democracy, are established.

This is not the case with NATO. In Turkey we have a country that was a dictatorship and one that has attacked another member state.

It is Mr Helmer that requires the history lesson.

UKIP is a party that trades on the language of fear and division and seeks to equate party allegiance with nationhood.

This is both naive and vacuous. It seeks power to reject responsibility.

Mr Helmer clearly does not want facts to challenge his views but I have news for him, there is an election coming where I can assure him spouting unsubstantiated drivel will not do!



Destabilising effect of UKIP

I have written a few times to the Telegraph on UKIP issues and on each occasion UKIP MEP, Roger Helmer, has either mis-read or put his own incorrect interpretation on what was said and then denigrated this.

Of course peace was not secured by the EU and the EU did not bring down the Berlin Wall.

But if UKIP was to be successful and the UK was to leave the EU, this would be destabilising just as it would have been destabilising if Scotland had gone independent.

We see that UKIP now are courting the local MPs, Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone.

It probably would be best for the Conservative Party if these two mavericks did defect.

Philip Hollobone says he won’t, possibly because he realises he would lose his seat if he did.

He proudly boasts about his ‘Ban the Burkha’ campaign.

He must have been naive or known that this would be a consequence of his irresponsibility and this is all part of the xenophobic undercurrent which gives succour to far right extremism.

Incidentally, I don’t think we ever did read the result of the Bone/Hollobone Referendum on the EU.


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We need better public transport

The lack of fast public transport between Kettering and Northampton is unbelievable considering it is only 13 miles.

The only bus from Kettering to Northampton takes an hour, while there is no train at all between Kettering and Northampton.

These are the two main towns in the county and most of the county’s jobs are in Northampton.

People are being penalised for not driving, but surely there are too many cars on the roads on that route already?

Why can’t there be a faster public transport option from Kettering to Northampton?

Shouldn’t the county’s main town be more easily accessible?

More people would be able to consider long-term jobs there if this was resolved, and businesses would improve as a result.


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Changes to the road tax system

Little has been reported in the media of the changes to the DVLA licence system for paper tax discs, which became obsolete on October 1. All future renewals will be electronic only.

It has been reported that this will cost the DVLA some £167m. The DVLA has said this is complete nonsense.


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Andy Sawford is a model for all MPs

Further to your article about MPs’ expenses, I thought that the letter from Tom Bingham was very unfair to our MP Andy Sawford.

The breakdown of the claim very clearly states that the Corby MP is claiming for the costs of having an office and local staff to help Corby and East Northamptonshire residents.

I am pleased that he is not claiming for a duck pond, but is actually putting the funds to work for the people in his constituency.

The Kettering MP doesn’t have an office, he doesn’t hold surgeries, and so while he may seem cheap, I would seriously question if he is short-changing his constitutents.

In contrast, the service from Andy Sawford and his team is brilliant and I know they have helped many local people and organisations.

Mr Bingham makes a silly point about the Prime Minister claiming less.

That is obvious because he already has 10 Downing Street and all the staff there to help him, paid for by the taxpayer.

Perhaps the author ought to read Mr Sawford’s weekly newsletter which outlines his huge commitment to groups, firms and individuals within the constituency.

I suspect that the number of individuals supported by our MP runs into several thousands. This, I would suggest, represents a model for all MPs.

Finally, Mr Bingham talks about UKIP, but fails to tell us that Nigel Farage is on the EU gravy train and employs his own wife on a whopping salary.

If you have any questions about how Mr Sawford does his job, why not talk to him. But whatever you do, don’t believe the politically motivated nonsense spouted by Tom Bingham.



I’m very proud of The Corby Song

May I comment on the articles relating to the songs made for Corby to open the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra concert in Corby.

I hope Song Cycle for Corby will have the same success as I have had performing the Corby Song over the past 40 years.

The Corby Song, which cost 5p for charity, was written for me by Hugh McDonald, alias Johnny Mack.

Back in 1974 the Corby leader said: “The song is a little bit funny, but with a serious message.”

The song helped me to raise £50,000 during my 34 years as a Corby charity fundraiser.

I have been privileged to perform the song many times on radio, on television, at the opening of Steel Park and the closing of the Highland Gathering.

I made a CD during the Our Corby celebration in July and a recording for the East Midlands Oral History group.

I am proud of the fact that The Corby Song has also been mentioned in the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry.