Letter: New Kettering car park spaces need kicking to the kerb

After weeks of confusion, the company in charge of re-organising and altering the car park situated at Kettering Business Park, near Aldi, have finished.

Sunday, 28th October 2018, 8:00 am

New parking spaces have been marked out, lovely and bright with two designated bays for the disabled, close to the doorway for Aldi store.

I am completely wheelchair dependent and have discovered that planners installed drop-down kerbs for able-bodied spaces, for people who can easily park and step up the kerb if needed, while us poor disabled people have no way of getting our wheelchairs up the kerb where we have parked.

Not only have they removed the drop down kerb where the disabled bays are now, they have also removed them from where they previously were.

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And I thought we were meant to be a disabled friendly county.

All this says is “stay away”.

Caroline Owen, by email