Legion swears in young Daniel, 14

DANIEL Gascoyne, 14, who has just been appointed as a standard bearer for the Wellingborough branch of the Royal British Legion, is believed to be one of the youngest in the role nationwide.

Army Cadet Daniel, of Wellingborough, was sworn in at a ceremony earlier this month. At the same ceremony Air Cadet Nial O’Rourke was given an award for raising the most individually in the county during last year’s Poppy Appeal.

Nial raised more than £500 and spent a day collecting cash for the appeal at Tesco in Victoria Park, Wellingborough, as part of his fundraising.

Ian Nunney from the Wellingborough branch of the RBL said: “We believe Daniel is one of the youngest standard bearers in the country.

“He will be standing in for our main standard bearer when he is on holiday. We will also use him when we have a parade where the Union flag is carried, he will carry the flag and the main standard bearer will carry the Legion flag.

“He will be used in quite a number of different roles as a standard bearer. It’s a very responsible role. Normally the role is given to quite senior members of the branch. Daniel carried the Union flag so well on the 90th anniversary parade we had that we decided to make him the official deputy standard bearer.”