Leads debate creates divide

DOG walkers in Kettering may soon be unable to let their pets run free in some parks and open spaces in the town under a new proposal.

Kettering Borough Council is considering bringing in a dog control order which would mean dogs have to be kept on leads at all times in some areas.

The council has made the proposal after it received a number of complaints from open space and park users about the animals.

The idea, which has already been rolled out by East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough councils, has been met with a mixed reaction by dog walkers.

Debbie Burrows, 43, of Wood Street, said: “It is a good idea because there are some dogs which can scare you and your pet – mine has been bitten.

“But it does seem unfair that the behaviour of a few means every other dog has to stay on a lead.”

David Soloman, 45, of Wood Street, said: “My dog comes to parks and causes no problem, where would I let him run free if this came in?

“I think it is ridiculous.”

Steve Attley, 39, of William Street, said: “Haven’t the council got anything better to do than think up these things?

“What will they stop us doing next?”

Council environmental protection manager, Chris Stopford, said a consultation would be held with the public on the idea and suitable locations for the order if it went ahead.

It follows the council introducing orders for people to clean up after their dog and keep them on a lead if deemed out of control.

He said: “When we put the first two control orders in we said over the next few years we would review the need, or otherwise, for further orders.

“It follows a number of complaints from the public about dogs off the lead.”

Corby Council does not have an order in place advising residents to keep dogs on leads.