Launch of Wellingborough SOUP offers groups the chance to bid for cash over dinner

Golden Years won the money at the first Wellingborough SOUP event
Golden Years won the money at the first Wellingborough SOUP event

A tasty new initiative has been launched which offers groups the chance to be one of four pitching for money raised on the night.

Wellingborough SOUP is a dinner event funding micro-grants for creative projects in the borough.

Based on the concept pioneered by Detroit SOUP, it aims to run four dinners per year showcasing four local projects at each event.

After hearing each pitch, people can vote for their favourite and the winner receives the takings on the night to fund their project.

Following the first Wellingborough SOUP event which took place at Glamis Hall last weekend, a message posted on the Wellingborough SOUP Facebook page said: “What a fantastic evening we had last night.

“Almost 100 people attended and a total of £500 was raised.

“All four groups entertained the audience with their informative and well presented pitches.

“There followed a lively voting session and I am delighted to announce that the winning group from the first ever SOUP event is Golden Years.

“Congratulations to Meg Neilan and her team of volunteers - we hope to see you back again soon to update us on how the money has benefited Wellingborough.”

Golden Years was recently launched to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation among the elderly in Wellingborough.

Meg Neilan from Golden Years was delighted to be part of the first SOUP event, and she said: “It was such an amazing event to be part of and everyone involved from all four groups will hopefully benefit from your hard work of bringing us together.

“On behalf of all of us at Golden Years thank you so so much for making us feel so welcome and for such a wonderful experience.”

For more information about Golden Years, click here

For further details about Wellingborough SOUP, search for @WellingboroughSOUP on Facebook.