Latest shop to open at Rushden Lakes is ‘one-of-a-kind’

The latest shop to open at Rushden Lakes boasts more than 2,500 magazine titles and somewhere to grab a coffee.

Magazine Heaven is the newest addition to the shopping centre and it has received a warm welcome from hundreds of magazine lovers, keen to pick up the next edition of their favourite publications as well as get their hands on new titles.

Becky James and George North at the opening of Magazine Heaven

Becky James and George North at the opening of Magazine Heaven

Shoppers were surprised during the opening with a visit from two sports-personalities turned coffee-conoisseurs.

Northampton Saints player George North and former Olympic cyclist Becky James donned aprons at Magazine Heaven’s café as they became guest baristas, serving coffee from The Roastery at Bella Barista in Wellingborough to the store’s first customers.

Founder of Magazine Heaven Bill Palmer said: “We were delighted with the warm welcome we received from visitors to Rushden Lakes on Friday.

“This is our first store, so it is with great excitement that we’ve introduced Magazine Heaven to our first customers and we look forward to seeing even more shoppers from Northamptonshire and beyond.

Inside Magazine Heaven at Rushden Lakes

Inside Magazine Heaven at Rushden Lakes

“The aim of the store is to offer people the largest range of magazines under one roof, embracing a wide range of hobbies, passions and interests within an environment that will encourage exploration and browsing and become a destination for magazine lovers.

“Our artisan café will be an integral part of the experience, offering quality food and beverages catering to a wide range of dietary requirements.

“We’re a business born in Northamptonshire and Rushden Lakes is the perfect location to launch our one-of-a-kind concept and we look forward to announcing an exciting array of special events coming to the store soon.”

Magazine Heaven has a large selection of popular and niche titles as well as hidden gems from around the world, including mindfulness magazines Flow and Happinez, the Australian fashion favourite Frankie and British style export Lula.

The selection also includes classic titles for fans of comics, graphic novels, a fantastic range of style publications for men and a wide assortment of magazines catering for every interest.

Rushden Lakes centre manager Paul Rich said it’s a real pleasure to have been able to be the destination for Magazine Heaven’s first concept store.

He said: “It was fantastic to see so many shoppers enjoying the opening of our new arrival on Friday and a great highlight to welcome sport stars George North and Becky James.

“With such a wide range of titles under one roof along with the artisan café we are sure the new shop is going to prove extremely popular with our local neighbours as well as visitors from further afield.”