Last month was county’s wettest July in 20 years

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Last month was the wettest July in Northamptonshire since 1992.

Experts at Pitsford Hall weather station say a total of 93.9mm of rain fell during the month and it rained for more than 83 hours.

The wettest day was Friday, July 13, when a total of 14mm of rain fell.

A spokesman for the weather station said: “Heavy rain hit the county from the 11th to the 13th, with 24 hour totals exceeding 13mm each day. In fact 14mm was recorded at Pitsford on the 13th.”

During the third week of July the rain eased off and the county enjoyed a dry day with 10-and-a-half hours of bright sunshine on Saturday, July 21, making this the sunniest day of the month.

The spokesman said: “Overall, the month was cooler than usual, although no cooler than July last year which recorded an average of 15.7C compared to 16.0C across July this year. However, it was exceptionally wet; in fact the wettest July since 1992.”

The weather station is forecasting some showers, seperated by brighter sunnier spells, throughout today (Monday, August 13).

Forecasters say it will be a dry and fairly bright start in the county tomorrow (Tuesday, August 14), followed by showers or longer spells of rain which will develop during the morning and continue into the afternoon before dying back to leave a largely dry night.