Lamb makes great recovery after being thrown through an open takeaway door

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All’s wool that ends wool for Johnny the sheep this Easter.

He had a horrific start to life when thugs stole him from his mother and hurled him through the doors of an Indian restaurant in Corby last spring.

Easter is well known for bouncing new born lambs in their fields – but Johnny was left in such a bad way by the ordeal that he couldn’t walk, his knees were swollen and he may not have survived.

Police were called to the Maharaja in Gainsborough Road and saw Johnny safely delivered to Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing and Adoption (Nanna), an animal charity based in Irthlingborough.

And thanks to their swift action, Johnny is now looking sheep-shape.

Nanna quickly referred the disorientated and scared animal to osteopath Claire Short, who was presented with a rather unusual and very woolly patient.

Mrs Short, who more commonly treats humans, said: “When we saw Johnny he was in a terrible state. He was a nervous wreck with swollen knees and no mother to reassure him.”

Treatment was started slowly and gradually increased in intensity as Johnny became more settled in his new home.

And Easter this year will be a different story for this lucky lamb.

Mrs Short keeps an eye on him to make sure his joints and muscles all stay healthy, but he rarely needs much treatment.

She said: “Treating animals is incredible.

“The results you see are not complicated by emotional issues. It’s very satisfying.

“He seems to have had a full recovery. A year ago we didn’t think he would live, but here he is, a strapping lad, not exactly resurrected, but definitely rescued.”