Lakes presents an opportunity

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All the doubters should look further than the end of their very stuck up little noses!

A report suggests the proposed Rushden Lakes development could have an impact on town centre retail, and absurdly should only offer a garden centre!

These people have positions of power in councils?

Northampton has Riverside and other out of town retail parks such as Sixfields, St James etc. Wellingborough has a retail outlet, Corby was going to have Wonderworld. As soon as Rushden attracts a fantastic opportunity for all, these short sighted, selfish, power freaks put their two-penneth in.

I hope East Northamptonshire Council act with integrity and on behalf of its everyday residents who would benefit from this proposal in all ways.

Town centres have been losing customers for a long time, this will neither improve nor get worse because of The Lakes.Fact. In particular, Rushden loses trade mainly because it has no “big name stores”, and it was not pedestrianised. Period. People long to bring a Primark to Rushden, this would bring in and retain dissatisfied shoppers.

The Lakes would bring jobs, possible apprenticeships for our young, a pride in our town and wider East Northamptonshire, a community feel good factor, aesthetic shopping/dining/entertainment and hope. Hope that it MAY attract people into the town, which is at present unsustainable. Doing nothing and appealing against it is not an option, it will achieve nothing except further decline in town.

Without hope we have nothing.

East Northamptonshire Council, please rise above the doubters and the jealousy.

Look at the bigger picture, the only losers are the green eyed monsters – they don’t count!

Alison Reeves

By email