Knifepoint robberies: police make arrests

Knife Attacks :Kettering: Knifepoint street robberies
Knife Attacks :Kettering: Knifepoint street robberies

Four arrests have been made in connection with a series of terrifying knifepoint robberies in Kettering.

A hooded gang stole mobile phones from children in five violent incidents around schools in the north Kettering area between February 4 and 9.

They took place at Weekley Glebe Road, Scott Road, Nelson Street, Malham Drive and Northall Street.

All the victims were aged between 13 and 15 and were on their way home from school when the gang stopped them to demand they hand over their mobile phones at knifepoint.

The victims believed the gang members were all teenagers.

The first incident took place on February 4 at school closing time in Weekley Glebe Road, and then a second happened just 15 minutes later in Scott Road.

Then, at about 5pm, another child was targeted by the gang in Nelson Street.

On Friday, February 7, another teen had their phone stolen in Malham Drive.

Then a fifth victim was mugged in Northall Street, Kettering, on Sunday, February 9.

Despite the arrests, the police would still like to speak to anyone who has any information about the incidents.

The officer investigating the case, Detective Chief Inspector Steve Woliter, said: “We are continuing to work hard with victims, witnesses, schools and the community and are pursuing many additional lines of enquiry.

“We will continue to focus on the key areas affected in Kettering with high profile policing patrols to reassure the public and would appeal for anyone with any information to contact us.”

Anyone with information about any of the robberies can contact Northamptonshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.