Killer jailed for eight years after stabbing

Susan Fox, 38,
Susan Fox, 38,

Drug addict Susan Fox took a cocktail of methadone, valium and lager before she stabbed her friend to death at his home in Kettering, a court heard.

Fox had been staying with Simon Foster at his flat in Albert Street for six weeks when she plunged a knife into his chest, piercing his heart, just before midnight on September 19, 2011.

Susan Fox and Simon Foster

Susan Fox and Simon Foster

Throughout the police investigation Fox, 38, of no fixed address, maintained she couldn’t remember what had happened.

She pleaded not guilty to murder, but changed her plea to guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter.

She was jailed for eight years at Nottingham Crown Court on Monday, July 9.

Fox, who had 89 previous convictions, mostly for dishonesty offences, knew Mr Foster as they both had long-standing drug and alcohol problems.

The night before Mr Foster’s death Fox didn’t stay at his flat because of an argument, but she returned the next day.

At 11.35pm he spoke on the phone to a friend, who had trouble hearing him because he was bickering with Fox in the background. Just 20 minutes later Fox was banging on a neighbour’s door and saying “there was a problem with Simon”. Police who attended the scene described her as being “hysterical”.

Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said: “There had been an attempt to clean up; the kitchen floor was wet, but more significantly there was a tea towel soaked in Mr Foster’s blood found in a plastic bag which had been knotted at the top.”

Mark Wall QC, mitigating, said: “It’s most likely that if she did it, she did it without any premeditation and that there must have been something to spark it off.”

Judge Michael Stokes QC said he was satisfied there was no premeditation and that she had taken Mr Foster by surprise when she stabbed him through the heart.