Kick-boxer Logan defies the odds

Logan Seymour of Corby
Logan Seymour of Corby

A 10-year-old boy who was born without a heel has defied the doctors by becoming a champion kick-boxer.

Logan Seymour was born with talipes which left his foot turned in and upwards.

Logan Seymour with Alex Barrowman and coach Ritchie

Logan Seymour with Alex Barrowman and coach Ritchie

From six weeks old, he had his leg in a splint and plaster and as he grew was given special shoes to wear.

His parents Rachel Morrison and Heath Seymour of Faraday Grove, Corby, were told it was unlikely he would ever play sport.

Now, thanks to the youngster’s hard work and determination, he has been picked to be part of the England kick-boxing squad and will compete in the world championships in Portugal in November.

His mum said: “I used to perform daily physio on Logan’s foot to help form his heel.

“I was told by Logan’s paediatrician that he would not walk until around 14-15 months and that it was unlikely that he would compete in sports. As a first time mum, I was heartbroken.”

At the age of 11 months, Logan started walking and at two he finally got his first pair of Nike trainers.

Three years ago he started to learn kick-boxing with Alex Barrowman at Lodge Park Sports Centre in Corby and was selected for the British Chinese Kickboxing Association’s (BCKA) England squad in December 2012.

Since then, Logan, a pupil at Studfall Junior School, has competed at the Irish Open in Dublin, become East of England champion and BCKA’s national champion, as well as winning many other titles.

Rachel said: “Logan has worked so hard and has been loyal and dedicated to kick-boxing. He trains six or seven times a week and always puts in 100 per cent effort.”

Logan’s parents, who have four other children, are seeking sponsorship to help meet the cost of his bid for glory in the world championships in Portugal.

If you would like to sponsor Logan, call 07903 500211 or email