KGH staff thanked for saving Andy

Andrew Smith with his partner Debbie Sumpter
Andrew Smith with his partner Debbie Sumpter

A man and his partner have paid tribute to hospital staff who treated him after he suffered a heart attack on the way home from work.

Andy Smith, of Rothwell, was rushed to hospital in July.

The 51-year-old spent almost two months in Kettering General Hospital – and now wants to express his gratitude.

Alongside partner Debbie Sumpter, 46, he has arranged for a fundraising evening, including a disco, for the departments which treated him.

It will take place at Tresham Hall in Rothwell on December 7.

He said: “Hopefully we can raise enough to make a difference. I shouldn’t be alive, really, even they said that.”

Debbie added: “They worked on Andy for two hours at A&E. They kept updating us with what was happening.

“They got him to the intensive care unit where Andy spent the next three weeks. They were so good to Andy, they were just brilliant. They just went that extra mile.

“You can say thanks so many times, but we want to go to these departments and say ‘We have raised x amount, what can we give you as a department?’.

“Andy shouldn’t be here. They get a raw deal but actually they are doing an amazing job.

“Andy and I have been together 30 years. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.”