KGH special care baby unit wins award

L-R: Jan Ford, Deborah Emerton and Clare Templeman with the award. NNL-180829-131330005
L-R: Jan Ford, Deborah Emerton and Clare Templeman with the award. NNL-180829-131330005

Kettering General Hospital’s special care baby unit has won an award for its exceptional team working.

The unit – which employs 45 staff and looks after some 450 ill and premature babies each year – has won a Cavell Star Award after being nominated by student nurse Deborah Emerton.

Edith Cavell (in dark clothes) with a nurses' group. NNL-180829-131452005

Edith Cavell (in dark clothes) with a nurses' group. NNL-180829-131452005

Deborah, from Corby, is just coming to the end of three years of nurse training and has spent the last two months working at the unit, officially called the Local Neonatal Unit.

She said: “During my training through the University of Northampton I became aware of the Cavell Nurses’ Trust – a charity which performs a number of functions including supporting nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants at difficult times in their lives and having an award scheme which rewards excellence in practice.

“Back in May the SCBU at KGH was exceptionally busy and I was incredibly impressed by how all of the members of the team worked together to ensure all the babies and their families got all of the support and care they needed.

“If a shift was short of staff for some reason it was amazing to see how people would step up and volunteer to cover.

Edith Cavell NNL-180829-131503005

Edith Cavell NNL-180829-131503005

“The team spirit you could see was just fantastic and the care they delivered was excellent.

“I remembered the Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s awards and decided to nominate the unit for one.

“Normally they reward individual’s practice but when I described why I wanted the SCBU to have an award they agreed.”

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust is an organisation set up after the First World War in memory of Edith Cavell, an English nurse who saved the lives of many soldiers from of both sides.

Edith was shot for treason by the Germans after it was discovered she had helped 200 allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium to neutral Holland.

Paul Steiner, communications manager at the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, said: “Well done to the SCBU team on winning their Cavell Star Award.

“At Cavell Nurses’ Trust we know how important it is for nursing professionals to be recognised for going above and beyond for their patients, especially being nominated by their colleagues.

“Nursing is an emotionally demanding profession and teamwork is everything - so we were delighted to give the Cavell Star award to Deborah to present to the team.”

Neonatal unit lead sister Jan Ford said: “Thank you so much to Deborah and the Cavell Nurses’ Trust for this award it was a very pleasant surprise.

“It was lovely that Deborah was so impressed by the care we provide - for our vulnerable and unique patients and their families - that she nominated us for this award.

“It is always rewarding to have good practice recognised and it motivates us all to do our best.”