KGH bed fall led to Desborough man’s death

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A man who suffered a head injury when he fell out of his bed at Kettering General Hospital died two weeks later, an inquest was told.

Brian Beetles, a former jockey from Desborough, was admitted to hospital in October last year after he was involved in a number of recurrent falls.

The inquest, in Kettering last Thursday, was told Mr Beetles fell out of his bed on the night of October 26 and suffered a head injury.

He never fully recovered from the head injury and died on November 9.

The inquest was told his cause of death was pneumonia and a ‘large subdural haemorrhage’.

Speaking at the inquest, nurse Genevieve Lowe said she had raised the side rail on Mr Beetles’ bed before he had fallen.

Family members, however, said that whenever they had visited Mr Beetles the rails had been lowered.

Coroner Hassan Shah returned a verdict of accidental death.

He said: “There was an underlying and unresolved pneumonia.

“However, I am satisfied that this underlying condition was hastened and exacerbated by the very serious head injury.”

Mr Shah said he accepted nurse Lowe’s evidence that the rails on the bed had been raised.

The inquest heard Mr Beetles was a fit and active man who was a professional jockey until the age of 38.