Kettering woman named after David Bowie pays tribute to the star

Bowie Hythe from Kettering in the Evening Telegraph back in 1993
Bowie Hythe from Kettering in the Evening Telegraph back in 1993

A woman who was named after David Bowie before starting a dance school which includes one of his song titles has paid tribute to the star.

The parents of Bowie Hythe from Kettering have always been huge fans of the singer, songwriter and actor who died yesterday (Sunday) after an 18-month fight against cancer.

After going to Live Aid in 1985, they decided to call their first child Bowie and she featured in the Evening Telegraph aged just six surrounded by LPs by their idol.

Nearly 30 years on, Bowie from Kettering is proud to have his name as tributes pour in from around the world to the star whose hits included Heroes, Starman and Under Pressure.

Bowie contacted the Northants Telegraph following the singer’s death and said: “I feel really devastated that he has died.

“He’s a legend and everyone really loved him.

“I feel sad and people are putting RIP Bowie on my Facebook page.

“People say they have such a connection with him through me and because I am well known in Kettering because of my dance school, Let’s Dance with Bowie.

“Everyone is saying it is such a shame and I feel devastated because I was brought up with him and he has been a big part of my life.”
Bowie first heard the news of the singer’s death on social media, although her younger sister who is a huge fan had tried to call and message her following the announcement.

She said she loves being named after David Bowie and is proud that her dance school is named after one of his hits.

Bowie teaches pupils from the age of three up to adults and his hit Let’s Dance is one of the dances she teaches.

Bowie’s parents saw David Bowie perform several times, including on the Glass Spider and Sound and Vision tours.