Kettering woman bids to raise awareness of symptoms of MS by recording her own battle with condition

Kelly Spencer.
Kelly Spencer.

An inspirational Kettering woman has set up a Facebook page where she will record her battle with MS in a bid to help raise awareness of the condition’s symptoms.

Kelly Spencer, 40, was diagnosed with the condition just two months ago and took to the internet to try to find out more about how it would affect her.

She could find clinical information but struggled to find emotional support so she decided to record her own feelings and pains.

The page, called Me and MS, has reached thousands of people as far away as Australia – and Mrs Spencer is delighted at the reaction she has received.

She said: “When they said to me that I had MS I did not know anyone that got it and I felt really on my own.

“I looked on the web but it was too much for me to take in, it was all clinical information and nothing said how I’d actually feel.

“I thought about making the Facebook page and just did it and it’s taken off from there.

“People have said that they have the same symptoms as me and shared their own and it’s really helped not only me but hopefully others.”

MS is a neurological condition which affects more than 100,000 people in the country and its symptoms can vary and affect all parts of the body.

Mrs Spencer added: “I do not think people know enough about it emotionally.

“I’ve managed to reach out to a lady in Perth in Australia who has it and it’s quite unbelievable that so many are reading my thoughts.

“Many of my posts reach thousands and it’s clear that people care about others, it’s amazing.

“I’m seeing a specialist later this month but it takes so long to get an appointment.

“It’s not something that goes away, it’s with you all the time.”

Kelly’s husband Mark says he is proud that his wife has embraced the battle rather than being overawed by it.

He said: “Kelly had a problem with her eyes that did not go away and that’s when we found out she had MS.

“It affects people differently and when we were looking at symptoms all we could find was medical stuff.

“I’m really proud at what she’s doing as it is helping others and gives her something to do.”

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