Kettering train station development ‘would be welcome boost’

A train at Kettering station.
A train at Kettering station.

A rail campaigner says the planned development of Kettering’s train station would be a huge boost to the town.

The regeneration of Kettering’s ‘Station Quarter’ has been in the pipeline for several years and is a medium-term project in Kettering Council’s plans.

Additional investment could lead to increased car parking, enhanced passenger facilities and an improved station gateway.

Land west of the station could also be developed as a business innovation centre.

Chairman of the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Rail Action Committee (LANRAC) Christopher Groome said: “We’re campaigning to make Kettering a place where people change trains.

“It makes a lot of sense to develop the area as a business hub so people based near the station can hop off and on.

“There’s a lot of space in the station and there’s plenty of room for extra shops and cafes.

“It would absolutely be a boost for the area.”

It’s not yet known how advanced the funding bid or plans are, or when work could start.

There is also a suggestion that a pedestrian access to the western railway station platform, platform 4, could be created.

Mr Groome added: “One of the things we have been campaigning for is a western entrance.

“It makes sense that people can walk across from that side rather than getting in their cars.”