Kettering town centre bollard work is now finished

The rising bollards at the High Street entrance to Kettering town centre
The rising bollards at the High Street entrance to Kettering town centre

The next phase of the pedestrianisation of Kettering’s town centre has been completed.

The works involved the installation of rising bollards at each of the entrances to the town centre and the implementation of a new Traffic Regulation Order for the pedestrianised part of the town centre.

Kettering Council says the aim of the project is to reduce traffic in High Street and Gold Street, improve the pedestrian and shopping areas, allow more events and markets to take place on the street, encourage more on-street dining, attract further private investment and improve shopper safety.

The improvement works mean that High Street, Meadow Road, Lower Street and Gold Street will become fully pedestrianised during the shopping day – with deliveries only allowed outside of that core time period.

Consultation carried out over the last few years showed a great deal of support from the community, with an emphasis on improved safety for shoppers.

Kettering Council economic regeneration manager at Alex Jelley said: “The new arrangements will provide a much better shopping environment which I am sure will be welcomed by shoppers and lead to even more private investment within the town centre.

“The disabled bays being provided at Lower Street and Gold Street, complementing the existing spaces around the town centre, will ensure that everyone is able to visit the town centre – and be safe when moving around it.”