Kettering Tories vow to deliver vision

Cllr Russell Roberts
Cllr Russell Roberts

The Conservatives, who have retained control of Kettering Council, have outlined their manifesto for their next term in office, covering council tax, housing and parking charges.

Cllr Michael Brown said: “At the election, local Conservatives outlined their vision for the future of Kettering more than any other party and put a record amount of manifestos through the doors of local people.

“We sought the support of Kettering people for that vision and we are very happy we have been given a strong mandate to deliver that vision.”

He explained that the party’s priorities over the next four years will include: “Keeping council tax frozen until 2017, to continue to reduce car parking charges in the town centre, to be the first administration in a generation to build council houses throughout the borough, to start to tackle parts of the one-way system, to continue to improve services and to deliver better jobs and infrastructure by sensitively managing local growth.”

In the Barton ward, council leader Russell Roberts received more than double the number of votes cast for the other parties.

When Cllr Roberts took over as council leader in 2011 from Jim Hakewill he spelled out his priorities for the borough. These included continuing to oversee progress being made on the Kettering East development.

The development’s first building is the new primary school, Hayfield Cross, which is scheduled to open in September this year.

Earlier this year, Cllr Roberts said: “This new primary school is very important as it demonstrates the commitment that is being made locally in ensuring that the right facilities are in place to support future managed growth.”

The Conservatives now hold 25 of the 34 seats on the council, with a by-election in Rothwell next month.