Kettering teenager says turning vegan has helped him control his diabetes

Kirat Pawar of Kettering
Kirat Pawar of Kettering

A teenager from Kettering diagnosed with type 2 diabetes says turning vegan has helped him to control the condition better.

Kirat Pawar was diagnosed with the disease just before his A-Level exams earlier this year, and was told he was to be diabetic for the rest of his life.

I didn’t know becoming a vegan would actually help to control my condition

Kirat Pawar

However, after choosing to become a vegan for personal reasons, the 20-year-old noticed he was suddenly able to control his insulin levels.

Kirat said: “My diabetes is under my control now.

“As diabetes runs in my family, it’s harder to be to be ‘cured’ of it, but my doctor said that my dietary changes have prolonged my life without the disease.

“Continuing the vegan diet will only help prolong my life without diabetes further and help me to become a healthier person in general.

“Veganism is definitely the right way to control diabetes as it is healthy, in both physical and mental ways.

“I didn’t know becoming a vegan would actually help to control my condition, as I made the transition due to a spiritual choice.

“Now I definitely think that if there are people who are willing to control diabetes and feel good at the same time, veganism is the best option.”

The teenager was diagnosed in June this year after a trip to the doctor’s to get a urine problem looked at resulted in his GP stumbling across his condition.

Diabetes played havoc on Kirat’s life, often restricting him from eating certain foods with his friends.

However, after making the transition to vegan life he no longer has to worry about his sugar intake.

Kirat’s sugar intake levels were very high before his diagnosis, but he instantly replaced his sugars with sugarfree equivalents upon diagnosis.

He said: “I didn’t really pay much attention to the amount of sugar I was consuming on a daily basis.

“Before my diagnosis, my sugar intake levels were very high.

“For example, I would add around three teaspoons of sugar into one cup of tea or coffee, and I had around three or four cups everyday.

“After researching more into eating healthily after my diagnosis, I substituted my sugars with sugarfree equivalents.”

More than 75,000 people die a year as a result of diabetes in the UK.

A vegan diet contains only plants, such as vegetables, grains and also nuts and fruits.

Vegans don’t eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and egg often as part of an ethical choice.

However, in recent times the vegan diet has been linked with better health and prolonging peoples lives.

Famous vegans include Apple founder Steve Jobs, famous Youtuber Jenna Marbles and singer Sia.