Kettering takeaways fined for poor hygiene

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The operators of Mystic Diners in Market Place, Kettering, have been fined a total of £5,500 for food hygiene and health and safety offences.

During a routine food hygiene inspection in September last year, officers from Kettering Council’s health protection team found the food preparation room in the basement to be in poor repair and inadequately ventilated.

Equipment was also found to be in such poor condition that it could no longer be effectively cleaned.

There was no guard on a dough mixer and the plug to a mincing machine was broken exposing live wires.

The feet of the machine were also broken so that it was unstable in use.

Notices were served on the operators, Gold Gate Ltd, to improve standards but they failed to comply. They were fined at Kettering Magistrates Court.

Two weeks earlier, the operator of Sultan’s Kebabs in Montagu Street, was fined £2,000 at Northampton Magistrates Court.

During an inspection in March, inspectors found a dough mixer inappropriately guarded, food exposed to risk of contamination and kept at incorrect temperatures, poor cleaning and poor food safety management.

Shirley Plenderleith, head of environmental health, said: “Our aim is to work with local businesses to maintain and improve standards but where there is blatant disregard and serious risk to public health we will act firmly to ensure risks are removed.”