Kettering student gives ‘hot air’ message to world leaders

 Elena Wilson, from Kettering campaigns in Munich prior to the G7 summit.
Elena Wilson, from Kettering campaigns in Munich prior to the G7 summit.

A student from Kettering joined 250 youth ambassadors from countries across the world to take part in the ONE summit in Munich in Germany during the summer.

Elena Wilson, 20, was selected as a youth ambassador from hundreds of applicants across the UK to represent the ONE campaign, an anti-poverty organisation to raise awareness of the chance to end extreme poverty.

The young ambassadors were from the G7 countries, which represent the world’s seven most advanced economies.

In June 2015 she travelled to Munich to join the 250 other young campaigners to campaign leaders to act fast and end extreme poverty by 2030.

The former Bishop Stopford Student said: “It is often nerve-wracking to push yourself and to speak out about the things you care about, but I am so passionate about campaigning and am keen to raise awareness.

“I want to show that young people do care about politics, and we believe we have the power to change things, especially in this important year for international development.

“The G7 was the beginning of a series of significant summits that will shape the global agenda for the next 15 years.

“The ONE Summit was a great opportunity for young campaigners from across the world to come together and be heard by our leaders.

“We inflated large heads of the G7 leaders outside the Frauenkirche Cathedral and demanded ‘More than Hot air’ from the G7 leaders.

“With the Millennium Development Goals being replaced in September, the pressure is on for world leaders to agree a new set of Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and agree a global plan to help end extreme poverty.

“It was quite a high profile event and we were covered by all the main German newspapers.

“The summit has definitely inspired me to keep going and campaign even more than before!”