Kettering Speedwatch scheme gets positive response

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The organiser behind Kettering’s Community Speedwatch scheme says it got a positive response and hopes it will return later this year.

The scheme saw drivers recording speeds of up to 47mph in Barton Road and Stamford Road, which were hotspots for offenders.

Anne Lee

Anne Lee

Cllr Anne Lee, who created the scheme, said: “Wearing high-vis jackets, we have been a visible presence on the road.

“In locations where drivers were able to spot us from a distance, such as in Pipers Hill Road and Windmill Avenue, the traffic visibly slowed down.

“Hotspots for speeding have proved to be Barton Road and Stamford Road, where we recorded speeds of up to 47mph.

“The feedback from passers-by has been unanimously positive, inviting us to return in the early morning or at school pick-up times.

“[There was] not a single sign of aggression from drivers.

“One driver sped past us with his thumb in the air, in a belated apology for his own speed.

“Most drivers are conscious of the fact that they drive too fast.

“Our presence will hopefully make them slow down in the future on Kettering roads.”

Details of speeding drivers are passed to the police’s Safer Roads Teams.

Offenders are not prosecuted but receive a strongly-worded letter from the police.

The group of volunteers share equipment with other schemes, but hope it will return to the area later this year.

Cllr Lee added: “It has taken a lot of hard work to get the scheme off the ground but I definitely hope to keep the Kettering scheme running.

“We could really do with more volunteers to arrange a maximum number of sessions in the few weeks a year this very expensive equipment is made available to us.

“Training sessions are organised regularly, which will enable additional volunteers to join sessions later in the year.”