Kettering skate shop to open tomorrow

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Excitement is ramping up for the opening of a new skate shop in Kettering tomorrow (Saturday).

Illicit, run by first-time business owner Travis Clayton, is opening at The Yards.

Mr Clayton, 28, of Kettering, hopes the launch of his skate shop will provide a social hub for both the local community and visitors.

He said: “Since the closing of Montagu Street’s Chopper in 2016, I’ve noticed a huge gap for the local skate boarding community.

“Living in Kettering all my life, I’ve always had a passion for skateboarding.

“For me when I was younger, it was an escapism and really important bond with a group of friends that kept us fit and active.

“After travelling for over two years across America and Australia, I’ve come back to Kettering with a real desire to put something back into the town, as a thank you for all the years I’ve spent growing up here.

“There’s nowhere for people to buy equipment or apparel in town, and it pains me to have to tell people to go online for their skateboarding needs.

“There’s nothing better than seeing and feeling the gear, and actually meeting fellow skateboarders in the process.

“It’s just a natural progression for me. It probably should have been here sooner, but here it is happening. I think it’s just something that this town really needs.”

The new shop will carry true, tried and tested brands, like HUF, Brixton and Trasher among others.

Travis added: “The space will serve as a communal space as much as anything else.

“When I was younger Chopper was like a community centre.

“It was a place to hang out where you felt comfortable and you found your people.

“I want to bring that back to Kettering with Illicit skate shop.”

The grand opening event will feature 10 per cent off at The Yards bar all day and a raffle.

Illicit offers a wide variety of board brands, apparel and accessories, and is open six days a week.