Kettering’s swimming pool closed due to ‘maintenance issue’

Kettering Swimming Pool.
Kettering Swimming Pool.

Kettering’s swimming pool will be closed today (Wednesday) because of a maintenance issue.

A notice on the door says customers will be told of any further closures, but that the gym will remain open.

The notice reads: “We regret to inform you that due to a maintenance issue, the swimming pool will be closed today.

“We will inform customers of any additional dates of closure, if necessary, as soon as possible.

“Pleased note that the gym will remain open as normal during this time.

“If you need further information at this stage, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the duty manager team on 01536 410253.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

A Kettering Council spokesman said: “Yesterday afternoon (June 20), a small piece of ceiling panelling became dislodged and fell from the ceiling at Kettering Swimming Pool.

“There was no-one in the pool at the time and nobody was injured by the event.

“The swimming pool will be closed whilst an investigation is carried out into the potential cause of the issue and appropriate action taken to ensure that the facility is safe to use.”

Cllr Mick Scrimshaw says that it was lucky nobody was hurt and this shows exactly why the town needs a new pool.

He said: “For some time I have been saying that Kettering’s swimming pool is past its sell-by date and at the very least will need major refurbishment, which is why I presented my original motion to the council to look into the viability of building a replacement pool.

“Clearly this incident proves my point and shows that not only does the pool need intensive refurbishment work, there must also now be questions over the integrity of the building itself.

“Many other councils in the area have build brand new pools with facilities far exceeding Kettering and I am pleased therefore that the council are now at least looking into this matter.”

Kettering Council agreed to look into the viability of building a new swimming pool last year.

A research group was set up and it will hold its first meeting tonight.