Kettering’s James Acaster to visit twin town in Germany after successful funding bid for Youtube series

Kettering's James Acaster
Kettering's James Acaster

Comedian James Acaster is to explore Kettering’s links with its twin town Lahnstein after a bid to make a follow-up series of his popular Youtube series proved successful.

Acaster, who hails from Kettering and was recently back in the town to reopen The Studio at Wren Spinney School, will film Sweet Home Ketteringa Series 2: James’s Acaster’s Epic Journey after hitting his £4,6745 Kickstarter target.

He filmed the first series in Kettering, attracting more than 50,000 views, and will now visit Germany to start filming in February 2016.

Six episodes will then be released on Youtube in July 2016.

The money which has been pledged will be used to pay for van rental, food, insurance, fuel and accommodation.

The Kickstarter page reads: “One of the major challenges for us will be the language barrier – in Lahnstein, most people don’t speak English.

“To overcome this and turn it into an advantage, we’ve budgeted for another comedian who speaks English and German to come with and act as translator.

“It’ll be practical, add a new dynamic to the team from series one, and create lots of comedic moments.”