Kettering pub comes to the rescue with fundraiser for woman with incurable brain tumour

Cat Anderson
Cat Anderson

A pub landlady has stepped in at the eleventh hour to help with a fundraiser for a woman with an incurable brain tumour.

Catherine Anderson, who was born in Glasgow, raised in Corby and now lives in Uppingham, was just 36 when she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in 2014.

Rab Anderson with daughter Cat

Rab Anderson with daughter Cat

But the bravery of Cat, who is known as ‘Cat in a Hat’ because she wears various different hats, has inspired family and friends to raise money under the umbrella of UK charity Brain Tumour Research to fund research into the disease.

They had organised an event on Saturday (October 22) to raise money for Cat in a Hat as well as the Bobby Moore Cancer Research Fund, but an issue with the booking meant they could no longer hold it at the venue they were hoping to use.

Cat’s dad Rab Anderson of Kettering said: “The event was all set to fall flat but at the eleventh hour Tracy Levey, landlady at The Wayfarers in Kettering, has offered her function room.

“This will be the first event in her newly refurbished room, She is kindly allowing us to use it although it is not quite finished yet.

“We have a fantastic band, The Pouk Hill Prophets, who have offered their services for free.

“They will play a Glam Rock set featuring music by T Rex, Queen, Slade, Sweet etc.

“There will also be a disco.”

Rab is hoping lots of people support the fundraiser, with proceeds being split between the two charities.

He said they are exploring alternative therapies for Cat, which can be expensive, so he is urging people to buy a ticket and show their support for Cat and her family.

Since Cat’s diagnosis in 2014, her treatment has included surgery on several occasions as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Saturday’s fundraiser runs from 7.30pm until midnight, although the pub will stay open until 1.30am.

Admission is £5 on the door.