Kettering posties ditch the satchels in modernisation move

The way mail is delivered in Kettering is being changed
The way mail is delivered in Kettering is being changed

Posties in Kettering are ditching their satchels in favour of trolleys and vans over the next few weeks – according to Royal Mail.

The firm says it is modernising its deliveries because far fewer letters are being posted while the number of parcels has rocketed.

Royal Mail will be writing to homes in NN14, NN15 and NN16 in the next few days to tell people about the changes.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: “We are making changes in Kettering to maintain our services, all local postmen and women will continue delivering in the town and there are no job losses.

“It means that postmen and women, who now handle a mix of letters and more parcels, will use trolleys instead of the traditional over the shoulder satchels and two postmen will share vans to deliver items together in an area.

“In Kettering, Royal Mail has invested in 26 new vans and 11 trolleys to enable postmen and women to deliver the mail more efficiently.”

Royal Mail delivery director, Paul Whitehouse, said: “We are proud of the high regard in which our postmen and women are held in Kettering. The changes to delivery routes will mean that a member of our local and experienced team will still be delivering to our customers in Kettering.

“The local delivery team and I are fully committed to providing a high quality of service that is as reliable and friendly as customers have come to expect from Royal Mail in Kettering over many years.”

Royal Mail says many customers will receive their mail by lunchtime but the time customers receive mail will depend on where they live on the new delivery route and this may be later, or possibly earlier, than current delivery times.

Royal Mail can be contacted with queries on 0845 601 1399.