Kettering police issue burglary warning

Kettering sector commander Inspector Richard Tall
Kettering sector commander Inspector Richard Tall

Police in Kettering have urged people not to provide easy pickings to opportunist criminals such as burglars.

Officers have shown the Northants Telegraph figures which suggest that a third of vehicle break-ins and burglaries could easily have been avoided.

Last year in the All Saints ward – described by police as the most vulnerable part of the Kettering for those types of crime – dozens of these type of offences could have been prevented.

Police say 140 of the 392 burglaries in the All Saints ward in 2013-14 occurred after people left doors or windows unlocked, or other similar problems with insecurities.

Likewise, about 80 thefts from vehicles might have been avoided if motorists had taken some basic measures to prevent crime.

Talking about those preventable crimes, Insp Richard Tall, Kettering sector commander, said: “That’s 220 cases where, working together, we could have prevented them being victims of crime.

“There’s an onus on us to tackle that.

“We also need the communities to engage with us.

“They have got to play their part in making their premises and vehicles less vulnerable.”

Police are holding a family-orientated crime prevention event at Rockingham Road Pleasure Park and pavilion on Saturday, June 7, from 10am to 3pm.

Representatives of the fire service and trading standards officers will be attending the event at which there will also be the opportunity for people to get their bicycles security marked, take part in a beat the goalie contest, face-painting and much more.