Kettering park reveals plans for two permanent car parks

Wicksteed Park
Wicksteed Park

Wicksteed Park is hoping to turn two temporary car parks into permanent parking areas to help it become a year-round attraction.

The Kettering park is proposing to construct two permanent car parks on sites which have provided temporary or overfill parking in the past.

A spokesman for the park said: “We are proposing the construction of two permanent car parks on sites which have been used for many years as temporary or overfill car parks.

“The west car Park occupies a site partially covered by a former tennis court and the south car park is close to the existing parking area south of the pavilion.

“Both of these car parks are part of an on-going programme to rejuvenate the park as a vibrant heritage and leisure amenity space as part of our Heritage Lottery funded ‘Historic Heart’ project.”

The ‘Historic Heart’ work includes recreating the historic octagon area and its original bungalows.

A new customer centre is also being built and the precinct area nearby is due to be re-surfaced.

The planning documents say: “The investment priority for Wicksteed Park Limited is to complete the ‘fairground’ in the upper park to create a year-round attraction that addresses many of the strategic weaknesses of the park, namely lack of winter cashflow, staffing issues and to reduce weather dependence.

“We are creating a distinct paid for attraction within our own secure fence line that operates during the 200 non-ride days and can operate alongside the rest of the park during full ride days.

“Both proposed car parks will provide high quality parking provision which will complement these plans to extend the season; specifically for the fairground area and generally for the park as a whole.

“In addition, the south car park will provide a replacement for the existing permanent car park at the south end of the pavilion which will be re-designed as a bus drop-off area and turning circle with elements of disabled parking.”

The documents say that both car parks have been designed to the high standard typical of historic sites, such as National Trust and English Heritage properties.

If the plans are approved by Kettering Council, the west car park will provide 86 spaces and the south car park will provide 91 spaces.

For more inforamtion on the plans, search for KET/2018/0538 on the planning page of Kettering Council’s website.