Kettering off-licences caught selling alcohol to underage drinkers

Police carried out test purchases at 11 shops
Police carried out test purchases at 11 shops

More county off-licences have been found selling alcohol to underage drinkers.

The Telegraph reported earlier this week that police and Trading Standards had found four out of six premises selling alcohol to under-18s during undercover checks in Wellingborough, Irchester and Finedon.

More test purchases were carried out at 11 premises in Kettering on Thursday night, of which three sold alcohol to the underage test purchase ‘customer.’

PC Paul Hollands said: “We are running these tests across the county at various times of the day and evening.

“We work both using information where people are concerned that a particular shop is selling alcohol to children and also test regularly at random.

“The message is quite clear to the minority of off-licences that break the law – you are very likely to be caught and we will take action against you.”