Kettering MP: Police station closure could lead to more visible policing

Kettering police station, Northamptonshire
Kettering police station, Northamptonshire

An MP has said the closure of Kettering Police Station could lead to more visible policing in the town.

Philip Hollobone said the closure of the Kettering station, in London Road, would mean a quicker turnaround after arrests, because at the moment officers have to take criminals to cells in Corby.

Corby Police Station

Corby Police Station

He added: “With the new custody centre in Kettering, they will be able to get back on the beat far more quickly.”

The police are in talks with Kettering Council about having a front desk at the authority’s offices.

Mr Hollobone added: “I know visible policing is extremely important to residents, and the police themselves.”

Corby and East Northamptonshire MP Andy Sawford has reacted to the plans by vowing to fight any plans to close Corby Police Station.

He said: “After months of denials Adam Simmonds has admitted that the future of Corby Police station is under review.

“We must fight the downgrading of policing in Corby before it is too late. Weasel words from the commissioner about options and consultation are not good enough. The starting point for any discussion about the future must be an assurance that police officers will be based in Corby.

“I am also concerned about the impact of closures of other police stations in East Northants and will be asking questions about this.”

Mr Sawford had previously raised the issue with Mr Simmonds but had been told that closure was not on the cards. He raised the issue in the House of Commons.

Corby Conservative prosepective parliamentary candidate Tom Pursglove told viewers on his website at the time: “In light of comments recently made in the House of Commons by the local Labour MP about the future of Corby Police Station, I have met with Adam Simmonds to try and clarify the situation.

I asked Adam: “The Corby MP has said in the House of Commons that Corby Police Station might be closing. What is the actual situation?”

In response, Adam said: “The facts are that Corby Police Station is not closing and anyone that says differently is worrying people for no reason.”

Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone admitted he had not been told about the plans before being contacted by the Northants Telegraph. He said he was planning to speak to Mr Simmonds to discover more, and would speak to constituents to ask them their opinions on the situation.

He said: “I haven’t heard anything about the plans to close police stations. It may well be that there is an ongoing review about where the police stations are situated.

“I am not so much interested in bricks and mortar than in whether we’ve got officers out on the beat.

“It is a huge debate. I want to see the best police service we can have in Wellingborough and Rushden.

“I’ll listen to my constituents, police officers and Adam Simmonds. We want to make sure that what’s left at the end of it is better than what we started with.”