Kettering MP Philip Hollobone invites minister to visit A14 during summer recess

MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone
MP for Kettering Philip Hollobone

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone has invited a business minister to add a visit to the A14 as part of his summer schedule.

For many people the impending summer holidays conjure up images of Spanish sunshine, French cuisine or British beaches.

But as MPs break for the summer recess today, one Government minister has indicated he will make a last-minute diary addition to a less obvious destination.

Following an invitation from a fellow Conservative, business minister Michael Fallon’s summer plans are set to include a proposed junction on the A14.

Mr Hollobone took an opportunity in Business questions on Thursday to encourage Mr Fallon to visit his constituency.

He said to the minister: “Would you be kind enough to accept an invitation to visit the site of the proposed Junction 10A on the A14 near Kettering, which has attracted the interest of the departments for Energy, Transport and Local Government and which with investment of £30 million in the regional growth fund could trigger private sector investment of over £1 billion?”

Mr Fallon replied: “Happily I haven’t fully finalised my summer plans so I will add visiting a motorway junction to them.

“But you make a serious point, I will seriously do that. There is clearly a bottleneck there that needs to be removed and I will see if I can accept your invitation.”