Kettering mother welcomes victim impact statements plan

Gill Veysey
Gill Veysey

A mother whose son was killed in 2009 says she would have felt empowered if she had been able to read a victim impact statement in court.

Proposals to allow victims of crime to read out impact statements in court, published by the Government this week, were also welcomed by the police commissioner for Northants Adam Simmonds.

Darren Glen was stabbed to death in 2009, with a man jailed for manslaughter.

Darren’s mother, Gill Veysey, from Kettering, said her prepared statement had never been read to her son’s killer.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, she said: “I just think that if you are able to stand in court and read it out yourself, then the impact on the perpetrator would be that much greater.”

Mr Simmonds added: “Victims and witnesses to crime and anti-social behaviour deserve to be at the forefront of the criminal justice system.”