Kettering manslaughter trial: Man admits killing

Kamil Gumowski
Kamil Gumowski

A Kettering man has admitted the manslaughter of a 22-year-old who was attacked on a night out in the town last summer.

Marek Krukowski, 30, of Havelock Street, had initially denied killing Kamil Gumowski outside the Euro Food Centre in Silver Street in August.

Dominik Maryszak, 29, of Digby Street, Kettering, who is accused of encouraging and assisting Krukowski, who delivered the fatal blow, remains on trial.

Last week the jury watched CCTV footage of the moment Mr Gumowski was knocked to the pavement following a confrontation with Krukowski and Maryszak.

Krukowski changed his plea on Monday this week, on the fourth day of the trial at Northampton Crown Court. Judge Rupert Mayo then instructed the jury to convict Krukowski, who will be sentenced later.

Meanwhile Maryszak has been giving evidence this week, telling the jury he was worried by his friend’s intimidating behaviour, and describing the punch which knocked Mr Gumowski over as being a huge force and a very fast movement.

Maryszak claims he tried to intervene to break up the confrontation.

But during cross-examination, prosecutor Anwar Nashashibi suggested the men had both tried to intimidate Mr Gumowski and a friend during the confrontation.

Mr Nashashibi said to Maryszak: “You and Krukowski showed you were the toughest by Krukowski punching him [Gumowski] and knocking him down.”

Maryszak replied: “I didn’t wish to show anybody anything. Krukowski started the whole situation. I just intervened by stepping between two men.”

Mr Nashashibi said that, instead of being worried by Krukowski’s actions, Maryszak had been seen on CCTV just over a minute after the attack high fiving or shaking hands with his friend as they walked to a nearby club.

He also said there had been a number of inconsistencies in Maryszak’s police interviews, adding: “These are all lies by you to evade responsibility for the death of Mr Gumowski.”

The trial continues.

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