Kettering manslaughter trial: Court told of street attack

Kamil Gumowski, who died after being assaulted in Silver Street, Kettering, on Sunday, August 18, 2013
Kamil Gumowski, who died after being assaulted in Silver Street, Kettering, on Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two Kettering men carried out a drunken attack causing injuries which killed their victim, a jury has been told.

Marek Krukowski, 30, of Havelock Street, and Dominik Maryszak, 29, of Digby Street, are accused of the manslaughter of Kamil Gumowski.

He died after an incident outside the Euro Food Centre in Silver Street in the town in August last year.

The jury at Northampton Crown Court this week heard from prosecutors that the two defendants, who did not know Mr Gumowski, carried out a joint attack.

The prosecution says that during a confrontation, Mr Gumowski, 22, was knocked to the ground, where he suffered a brain injury.

He never regained consciousness and died later at Kettering General Hospital.

He had moved to the UK from Poland in October 2012 and was planning to marry his girlfriend in August this year.

Prosecutors allege Krukowski punched Mr Gumowski, knocking him to the ground, while Maryszak encouraged and assisted him.

Krukowski denies punching Mr Gumowski, saying he fell after a push by Maryszak, who in turn claims his push was not forceful enough to knock Mr Gumowski over.

CCTV footage shown to the jury did not record a blow striking the deceased.

Anwar Nashashibi, prosecuting, told the nine women and three men of the jury that: “It was not Mr Gumowski who approached the defendants but the defendants who approached him.

“This is a case about drunken aggression and violence by these men on the streets that night which led to the death of a young man.”

The victim was found to be bleeding from his mouth, nose, ear and the back of his head.

Mr Nashashibi said: “He fell to the ground like a sack of bricks without breaking his fall at all.

“The post-mortem examination showed Mr Gumowski had facial injuries consistent with being punched at the time.

“Three witnesses described Krukowski punching the deceased and knocking him to the ground.”

The court also heard evidence from a witness who demonstrated the action which he believed caused Mr Gumowski to be knocked over.

Speaking through an interpreter, he added: “It was like he was hit with a big force. He fell backwards.

“I think he hit his head on the pavement or kerb.”

Mr Nashashibi also described Krukowski’s behaviour immediately after Mr Gumowski fell, telling the jury: “Krukowski spread out his arms in a gesture of triumph and vindication.”

The trial continues.

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