Kettering man who fought off masked raiders to tell story on national TV

A Kettering man who confronted three masked raiders in his home is to tell his story on national TV.

Great-grandfather Andrew Adamson surprised the thieves after returning home from a night out.

The 60-year-old was wearing a tuxedo for a black tie event and said that made him feel “Bond-esque” as he tackled the gang - one of them armed with a two-foot crowbar.

The Northants Telegraph reported on the dramatic events after one of the gang was jailed for the attempted burglary in 2014.

CCTV of the break-in and confrontation can been seen on Heroes and Villains: Caught on Camera on ITV next week.

Mr Adamson, who at the time of our original report wanted to remain anonymous, forced the thugs into the alleyway outside his home.

The video shows him taking blows from the crowbar and sparks flying when it hit a wall.

He said: “I thought ‘that chap’s trying to kill me’.

“I suppose the Neanderthal comes out in everyone and it certainly came out in me!”

Mr Adamson managed to keep hold of one of the raiders, hoping to make a citizen’s arrest.

He only gave up when another of the gang threatened him with a razor.

He needed stitches to a head wound following the attack in December 2010.

Two of the raiders were later caught and jailed, with one praising Mr Adamson for his bravery in taking them on.

Andrew told the programme-makers: “I don’t think I was a hero. I think I was just doing what any normal Englshman would done – protect his castle.

“That’s all I was doing really. Looking after my wife and my house, my home.”

He added: “The only real positive experience that I could have out of this was the fact that at least I was well dressed.

“I’d got my tux on – very Bondesque!”

Other stories in the programme include a police officer’s confrontation with a thug captured on his body-camera video, plus a jeweller who took on a robber in the style of his Hollywood hero Jason Statham.

Heroes and Villains: Caught on Camera will be on ITV at 9pm on Tuesday, February 16.