Kettering man died after head-on crash with HGV on A43

The accident happened around 4.45pm on Sunday
The accident happened around 4.45pm on Sunday

The death of a Kettering man in a head-on collision on the A43 in March this year was a tragic accident, a coroner has ruled.

Mark Long, 41, from St James Close, was killed when his Peugeot 208 crashed into an oncoming lorry between Corby and Geddington.

His inquest was held in Kettering on July 31.

Witness Ashley Haigh told the inquest he was driving along the A43 in front of the lorry when he saw the collision in his rear view mirror.

He said: “I saw a massive explosion of debris. I realised a car had hit the lorry. In no way was the lorry at fault because it was on the right side of the road.”

Peter Long, Mark’s dad, told the inquest that Mark had struggled with psychological issues and that Mark believed he had body dysmorphia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

He had made two attempts to commit suicide, by taking overdoses of medication but Mr Long said he did not believe that either of those were genuine suicide attempts.

He added that he did not believe Mark would attempt suicide by crashing his car, as his previous attempts had been private and he would not wish to risk hurting another person.

Coroner Anne Pember recorded a verdict of accidental death.